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Sept 29: Round Table on the Health Care Crisis


CHDB ( 9/26/2007 11:22:03 AM )


Healthcare in state (and country) is in crisis. 47 million people lack insurance, and those that are covered often have trouble paying for and getting the benefits they are entitled to. In Pennsylvania there are two leading reform plans, Governor Rendellís Prescription for Pennsylvania (HB 700), on the one hand, and, on the other, legislation for a single payer plan for the state that is in both houses in Harrisburg (HB 1660 and SB 300).

Neighborhood Networks is holding an important Round Table 0n the Health Care Crisis on Saturday, September 29, 2007, 1-3PM. It will take place in Center in the Park (in Vernon Park), just northwest of Chelten Avenue on Germanton Avenue in Germantown (there will be signs directing you to the front entrance). There will be refreshments and the public is urged to attend. A Round Table is not a debate but a dialogue about the merits of each plan and how as citizens we should proceed to resolve the situation and get the kind of healthcare we so desperately need.


Speaking on behalf of the Rendell Plan--John Dodds, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Unemployment Project (PUP) and Lance Haver, Consumer Advocate of the City of Philadelphia.

Speaking on behalf of the single payer bills in the state houseóChuck Pennachio, Executive Director of Healthcare4allPA, and Walter Tsou, physician, public health specialist, former Commissioner of Health for Philadelphia, member of Healthcare4allPA and Philadelphia Area Committee to Defend Healthcare (PACDHC),

Also, Jesse Brown (endorsed by Neighborhood Networks), Independent (Democrat), candidate for the Councilmanic seat in the 8th District (the Northwest) will speak briefly on what our City Council can do about improving healthcare.

For more information on these approaches to our healthcare problems, see www. and


Andy ( 4/11/2013 7:09:07 AM )


Hi Mr TanMay I seek your view of the impeimpending iesrnace in MediShield Scheme. It does not make sense and logical that 95% of the majority are force to subsidise the 5% minority with rare illness. Why iesrnace premium, which is quite hefty incidentally, and at the same time iesrnace the deductible - it's a double whammy.If I already have my Basic IncomeShield that provide "as charged" cover, why must I made to pay more to get medishield cover iesrnace to $70k.Can't they use the medifund to support those who are outside the private shield cover? Seems that it's more of trying to make more profit out of the majority.


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